Tuesday, September 13, 2005

even better than cooking!!

you guessed it eating...and in Beijing there are no shortage of places...
the deity of meals...must be the buffet....in beijing from 38rmb (5 usd) up to 350rmb (50usd)
you can eat all you want...yeasterday i had a fish craving...my first thoughts...japanese food....i can get a large slab of fish to nibble on....cuz they should be no cheap lunch buffets on sundays..generally speaking this is true.

yesterday we arrived at Matsuko (great deal for money 68rmb all you can eat lunch buffet), there were at least 12 people in front of us waiting for a table...on a sunday....hard to believe!!

I still had my heart set on my slab of fish....but alas when we finally got our table 30 mins later...my girlfriend told me there are at least five types of fish on the buffet....and you know me...variety is the spice of life....after two plates..the first full of all the fish that was on the buffet even the tempura shrimp which i undressed before consuming...i should have stopped then cuz i was full...but noooooo....i needed some veggies so plate no.2 was full of veggies (really tasty kim-chi yum)...
my stomach by this time was screaming, "stop stop no more..."
if i was not on the diet my eyes would have replied "you are always complaining....just take a deep breath there's more coming....like the yummy japanese rice desserts... "
I was very good....i stopped and watched my lunch companions continue to gorge themselves, my stomach feeling relived and happy, while my eyes longingly lusting after the roasted chicken wings and spicy tuna rolls...
I think maybe another visit is needed on another day when i have more room in my stomach and am not restricting my eating.
As i said there are so many good buffets in beijing...matsuko is one of the nicer japanese ones.
the st. regis the nicest (and also most expensive) overall
and i would say maybe indian kichen for the nicest (and cheapest) indian spread
this is a picture of the kempinski hotel spread, if you have 350rmb, 2.5 hours on a sunday and a very empty stomach...oh and a tolerance for screaming kids this maybe the place for you...they have evrything from breakfast right through to new york cheese cake.


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