Wednesday, September 21, 2005

farm girl fare

for those of who who dont know i was raised on a farm, we still have this farm and my dad and my brother raise chickens, pigs, sheep...grow vegetables...and we have a one point in time 13 cats..and as many dogs...2 geese..a guinea bird...a monkey..2 goats....a terrapin you name it we have raised it!
i love my chicken...actually i love all meat...i am a proper carnivore...last night i made roasted chicken drumettes and yogurt potatoes for my guy...proper belly warming food especially with the weather going down hill.....hmmm i miss summer....

roasted chicken drummettes (for 2)
12 chicken drumettes (the mini drumsticks that come from the wing)
seasoning mix of your choice (i used chilli flakes, salt, soya sauce)
mix chicken and spices well and let marinade for at least 45 minutes.
place uncovered in the oven until chicken juices run clear after you stick with a toothpick, turn at least once.

Yogurt Potatoes (for 2)
2 large potaoes (peeled, halved and sliced as thin as possible)
1 pot of natural yogurt (no sugar, no taste, cooking yogurt, because in Beijing sugar free yogurt is still sweet)
1 small onion sliced
1 tablespoon olive oil
seasoning (salt and black pepper)
optional 2 rashers of bacon chopped

mix all ingredients
place in a deep foil pan or oven dish and cover tightly.
cook until potatoes are tender approximatley 40 minutes.


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