Friday, September 09, 2005

New additions...

My sister gave birth to a 5lb 2oz daughter at 3:15am September 7th (barbados time).
I bought regtangular foil pans.
We both have new additions! Although it's not really fair to compare.

And i guess i also forgot to mention i am on a diet (hence the healthy and light stuff) because i will be heading off to the caribbean in 2 weeks time and i need enough space to eat all of that delicious food yummy yummy....and don't worry i will keep up the postings from there too!

In celebration of my new foil pans I tried making soup. For those of you you don't know my kitchen is sparsely equipped emphasize on SPARSE!!!
Yesterday I made what I hoped would be a cold tomato soup: a garzpacho...but once I got these foil pans I thought why not give warm soup a try...did I mention I also have no gas and no pots but I do have me a terrific mini toaster oven...As you can see it is quite used!!
those are the tomatoes grilling inside.

Warm tomato and tuna soup
2 tomatoes
1 clove of garlic
1/2 cup of tuna
1 tablespoon of olive oil
2 pinches of chilli powder
seasoning to taste
Cut 1 tomato in half and place in oven cut side up until soft and skin is sizzling, this should take 10 to 15 minutes, mash to a pulp (the skin can be removed).
Combine 1 tomato, olive oil & garlic in a food processor.
Mix all ingredients with tuna flakes and re-warm either in oven (in my new foil pan) like I did or on stove top in suitable pot for approx. 10 mins (in oven) or on stovetop until starts smelling yummy (maybe 3 or 4 min).
Serve with croutons (cubed bread baked crispy in the oven, I think it is better to use a hard bread for this, I used ordinary bread and they were still a little too soft on the inside).

finished product...warm soup with croutons on the side.
One other note some may find the soup a little sour; unless you have really sweet tomatoes, if you don't like the sharp sour taste (i love this...), you can add a little sugar or cinamon.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

wowow~~~~very adorable. I'd like to have a try! (Elaine)


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