Monday, October 31, 2005

jerk it!

One thing about going home is that you can bring back all the really nice spices and seasonings that remind you of home that you won't find in a foreign country or you can't prepare.
As i mentioned a few posts ago i live on a farm and we raise chickens, sheep and pigs...i am a meatlover...nothing more to be said...except that i love chicken...the chicken god will protect his own until people believe in the power of the other white meat again, the first being pork (yes as far as i am concerned pork is superior to chicken and i love love pork).
Anyway back to bring back goodies from home (pictures soon to follow), I brought back rum, rum punch (already finished), ginger beer mix, sugar cane brandy, homemade guava jam (made by me with this wonderful sugar just for making jams given by my mother-in-law), conkies (thats another post), fish marinade (soon to have its day of fame on the blog), bajan seasoning and bajan mixed jerk seasoning (featured on todays post).
We had this dish for dinner last thursday (oct 27), i made the chicken again yesterday for my sweety (hint: the chef) and gorgeous best friend who enjoyed it....i was also quite happy cuz the taste was much better the second time around.....
Bajan (slang for barbadian someone from Barbados) Jerk Chicken and Warm Rosemary flavored Tomato and Zucchini Salad
To sucessfully make jerk chicken you need the mixed seasoning (picture coming)
For 12 drumettes, 1 tablespoon of the seasoning is sufficient, add salt and lemon juice,mix well and marinade for at least 1 hour (it is worth the wait).

The salad is also quite easy. For two people i used 4 Zucchinis (cut into 6 lengthwise)and 12 cherry tomatoes (halved).
to prepare
Dress halved tomatoes with balsamico, olive oil, salt and pepper.
marinade zucchini in olive oil, salt, pepper and dried rosemary for 10 to 20 minutes, then place in oven on foil and grill until zucchini is soft and slightly charred.
Cut each stick in half in and place on a serving plate, when ready to serve pour tomatoes in dressing over sliced grilled zucchini

after with tomatoes


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