Thursday, November 24, 2005

the job of being a but enjoying it!

We had friends over for dinner for the first time tuesday was not an impromptu thing....we (my chef and i) invited another couple over for dinner....we have been friends for ages and this is the first time we have ever cooked a meal for them....i know it sounds bad but this is our first real place that we can entertain at.
On the menu that night
Warm beef Terriyaki salad (i left out the cripsy potato chips) experimented on the day before
Tomato and Garlic salsa
Grilled Sophie Fish (i recently found out it's called Tilapia)
Roast Pork
oven steamed veggies
The star of the evening was the roasted pork, i used a mixture of bajan seasoning, soya sauce and char sui sauce for the skin. I marinaded the meat for 24 hours to really let all the flavours soak through the meat, also i tied it up securely before roasting it with apples and onions in a renolyds oven bag. it was the first time using the bags and i was very impressed not only was the meat succulent but it had also browned nicely all over....just before we were ready to serve it my darling helped me rub the char sui sauce over the skin and put it back under the grill for a crispy finish.

Dessert as i mentioned was a new york style cheese cake from Chantal......thank you so much Chantal i follwed the recipe (even though i halved it) and the result was a light and moist cheesecake. I served it with fresh blended papaya and slices on the side. I got the ultimate compliment when my darling said that cheesecake was perfect sweety.

We are having a dinner party the 3rd and he suggested i make it again...which i probably will keep your fingers crossed for me so that i can have the success of making another delicious cheesecake.


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