Friday, November 11, 2005

A new take on fast food

I am not such a big fan of mickie dees or wendys or anything along those lines, but i had been thinking for awhile about making burgers so juicy and so delish that my chef would say "WOW love you outdid yourself this time!".
I told him sunday, "baby monday night is burger night"....he smacked his lips and said "gorgeous i cant wait..."
then you know what happened he got a call at 6:30pm Monday evening....please be at the airport at 7:30pm cuz you are flying to Shanghai....he said sorry love, maybe we can do it tomorrow when i return at 10:30pm....
well, yes love but i wished it was tonight....oh well the beef will just marinade one day longer....enhanced flavours i told him
I had bought 1/2 kg of minced beef, with of course the requisite amount of fat after all you do need some fat to keep the burgers nice and moist. I used chilli flakes, salt, chilli-garlic marinade (compliment lee kum kee), barbeque sauce (heinz) and of course my good ole bajan pepper sauce so for two days my beef was sitting in this lovely marinade. I wanted to keep the burgers as juicy as possible so i decided to dress them in bacon.
Bacon wrapped beef burgers
Shape marinated meat mix into patties (i got four big burgers)and place two slices of streaky bacon in a cross and burger in the middle, when ready to cook place folded side down.

I grilled the burgers in the oven with sweet peepers and onions for 15 minutes (this was for well done burgers) actually the thing about my oven was i found it difficult to control the doneness of my burgers. Just before you are ready to eat add two thick slices of gruyere to each burger and leave for 30 second just so its slightly melted.
Instead of just plain old chips i wanted something that would really stand up to these bacon wrapped burgers, over the weekend i had purchased some new potatoes, so i thought thats what i will pair them with.....
Rosemary oven roasted new potatoes
as many potatoes as you wish
olive oil, whole peeled garlic cloves, salt, cilli flakes and dired rosemary

Roast in the oven until skins are crispy and insides are soft.
To assemble your gourmet fast food
spoon some of the juices from grilled burgers onto a hamburger bun and generously add grilled peppers and onions and place under the grilled so that bun is nicely toasted, nicely sit the burger on th bun and garish with grated gruyere. .
Serve new potaotes and a herb dusted tomato and iceberg salad on the side

Notes: Honey those burgers were delish, they were fantastic! they were also good the next day too when we had the other two for dinner.


Blogger Joycelyn said...

hi, burgers look very juicy and delicious...

Blogger bajan_chic said...

thanks....they were from the comments recieved from my guy


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