Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Salad for 2

My darling has been complaining to me for the last months how fat he is getting....i mean i do understand because sometimes i am cooking enough to feed a small army.....but the purpose is not to fatten him up as he thinks....it is more a labour of love....i find it really relaxing to cook after a stressful day at work (especially all the crowds on the subway on the way home). SO i thought i would surprise him with something filling yet light and healthy for our 10pm supper (due in fact to him being sent to Hong Kong on sunday at 11am for a half day meeting that was only taking place on monday.....Chinese flight schedules i tell you....did i mention that even though the meeting ends at 1, he is only getting home at 10PM......).
I made a warm terriyaki beef salad with crispy oven baked potato chip

This salad was terrific I used walnut oil in the dressing and it complemented the ginger of the beef. My main goal of the evening was fulfilled filling my sweetheart with something healthy and nutrious in preparation for the dinner party we would have the following night. Actually if you must know this salad was so nice with its cripsy iceberg, peppery arugula and the sweet gingeryness of the beef we served it again the following night;) naughty i know but if you must cook for others you must make sure it tastes good yourself!
My next post will be all about our first ever dinner party featuring my first-ever cheesecake and a terrific roast pork with a char sui crust.


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