Thursday, November 03, 2005

something light...

After the ribs and veggies we had, I couln't very well make something heavy again...or those were at least my thoughts dunno what mr. chef was thinking. We had for dinner an assortment of dishes, one because i bought these spring roll skins and didnt know what to do with them (there were just sitting in the fridge getting lonely...) so i made some accompaniments for them.
So that night we had Steamed fish with Sweet peppers & Onions, Tomato Garlic Salsa, Carrot sticks (julienned carrots) and the spring rolls (to be assembled and eaten as you wish)Steamed Fish with Sweet peppers & Onions
1 steak per person
2 sweet peppers sliced thickly
1 Onion chopped finely
Salt and pepper to taste
Place all ingredients in a foil packet and steam in a hot oven for 15 minutes (Or once fish is cooked, for soft fish will be shorter and for meatier fish longer).
Tomato Garlic Salsa (this was really great can be used on sandwiches or as a dip)
2 tomatoes chopped finely
4 cloves of oven roasted garlic
salt and pepper to taste
a dash of bajan pepper sauce (optional)


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