Thursday, November 17, 2005

a tale of two fish....

Have you ever done something really silly and then kick yourself after for doing it? well this happens to me alot more than i care to imagine....On tuesday i went to the supermarket looking for something to accompany the leftover potato gratin i planned on serving that night (yes, a leftover potato gratin, i had 4 leftover baked potatoes in my fridge). SO i did what any confused housewife would do i called the man of the house who of couse said its up to you sweety (I expected this sometimes i dont know why i bother to call....then again maybe its to hear his sexy voice....ok enough of my day-dreaming and back to my post). In the end i decided on two sophie fish (not their real name but the chinese name is luo fei yu similar to sophie's chinese name).
We had one very delicious grilled fish with italian herbs (compliments a farmers market in Nice)and one very massacred steamed fish with the same herbs but a very dried out taste...(go was one of those cooking disasters....i thought i could filet the fish with a small but blunt knife and totally runied it....after i started hacking at the fish i thought no is definitely the time to stop but of course it was too late and no turning back once i wacked off the poor buggers that was my faux pas for the day....well my chef forgave me and enjoyed the gratin and the delicious grilled fish).
Potato Gratin and grilled fish
I am not going to include a recipe for the gratin because it is one of those dishes i think that you add what you wish and add copious amounts of cream or milk, butter, cheese, eggs and herbs and you will never go wrong.

I didnt brown the top of mine only because i added more grated gruyere at the end after i removed it from the oven and it melted really nicely....
For the grilled Sophie fish, i used a herb mix and cut some slits in the skin and just put in under the grilled for about 20 minutes on one side...

in the future i think i will grill bother sides cuz i just love crispy fish skin.
the lesson learnt from this cooking are beautiful whole unless you have a sharp fish fileting knife!!!


Blogger Jo said...

Hehehehe... Sophie Fish... I pictured it looking like a sexy Mauritian with gills.

Blogger Francis Ho said...

Looking at the dishes on your blog is making me so hungry all of a sudden! Yummyyyy!!!


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