Monday, November 14, 2005

A weekend of dinners

I did it Friday night.....i had my first ever dinner party....i was so thrilled i mean why else would you have a fully equipped kitchen if you cant entertain your friends.
What started off as a simple dinner for 4 turned into a dinner for i had not gone shopping this had to be done friday after work....horrendous...especially with the awful Beijing cut a long story short i had to walk 20 minutes with my heavy laden bags from the supermarket to home....and had to start cooking with fat cold fingers....luckily i had my darling to meet me half way and then chastise me for not calling him in the first place to carry the bags he great or what?
On the menu that night.
For the munchies
Mushroom and cream cheese spread acccompanied by whole wheat baguette rounds and Veggie sticks
The actual Meal
2 types of lettuce salad
Warm orange flavored Eggplant, zuchinni and tomato salad
Jerk Chicken with grilled onions
Grilled sticky pork ribs
Shrimp and Spring onion Quiche
Baked potatoes with buttter

I am not posting any recipes, but if you are interested in any of the dishes leave a note and i will fil you in.
I recieved lots of compliments and must say i was terribly pleased and big headed at the end of the day;) unfortunately i cant post any photos either as none were taken with my camera only those of my girlfriends and up to now i havent seen those yet:(
The second dinner or rather 'abendessen' as they say in Germany, the country of my guy, was on sunday night. They were 5 of us: Sophie, Saipin & daughter and D and I. Earlier in the evening we went to the gourmet shop "be kind this is one of the few places in Beijing you can buy proper cheese and cold cuts"....we also had some sausages from Austria (thanks Saipin) our evening feast was as follows and of course no cooking required (those smart German women).
Italian Sourdough bread (fresh from riverside cafe)
Crusty French Baguette (also thanks to riverside)
Hard Goat cheese (product of France)
Gruyere (Swiss)
Fresh Brie (Shari's favorite, French)
Putenwusrt (turkey sausage Austria)
Rotewurst (red sausage Austria)
and lettuce and tomato salad.


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