Monday, December 05, 2005


Saturday December 3rd...was our first official dinner party....we (my darling chef and I) had 20 people over for dinner at our place for most of them it was their first time. I had been busy from the sunday night before making filling and dough for the curry patties and continued to be busy for the rest of the
On the menu for saturday as we or rather i decided the theme should be Tropical Barbados...i tried to prepare as many delicious dishes as i could remember that we eat at home....i made quite a few tasty alterations with the help of my darling so our menu that evening:
curried tuna and fennel patties
curried beef patties
pumpkin and pinenut spread
spinach and cashew spread
tuna and yogurt dip
celery sticks
fresh baguette

the buffet
rucola, cress and iceberg salad with walnut oil vinegarette
reggae tomato salad (red, yellow and green) with garlic dressing
papaya salsa
sweet potato casserole
black-eye peas with and without smoked pork (thanks sophie)
potato chutney (thanks anoushka)
three mushroom stuffing
turkey and cranberry relish
spicy ribs with a rum rub
pan fried tilapia with a parmesan, basil crust (thanks darling)

white chocolate cheesecake
dark chocolate cheesecake
rum infused strawberry coulis (thanks darling)

Here is a photojournal of everything including my sometimes stressed preparation.
definitely the perfect cheesecake...baked in a waterbath three days prior to dinner, I made 2, one i glaced with dark chocolate and the other white chocolate the day before....perfect
blanching spinach for the spinach and cashew spread

sweet potato casserole with cheese topping before baking
three mushroom stuffing before baking
tasting and chopping
everyone digging in.....
and loving it!
dont forget the drinks.....from barbados...ginger beer, coconut punch and sorrel
and last but not least dessert......
all in all a good and filling time was had by all;) including the chef's madam.


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