Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Here's to a happy Gorging!

Merry Christmas to everyone...or rather i hope you all had a merry christmas...i had the good fortune of being in Hong Kong for 4 days to experience a quiet Christmas with some friends and their 2 wonderful daughters...very nice and relaxing...for 4 days all we did was eat. As our friend is an executive chef in a famous Hong Kong hotel so we were treated to self-made foie gras, smoked salmon (less than 4 days old, also smoked by him), juicy boiled ham, succulent roasted pork and i've-died-and-gone-to-heaven prime was fabulous..i unfortunately didn't get to take any pics of the food but take my word on this it was excellent.

Under the tree this year for me was an ipod nano (in black) which i can see keeping me company while i use my new kitchen center (also a very thoughtful gift) and alot of love and more importantly health two things which are essential in life.
Hope 2006 will be a good year for all concerned!


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