Wednesday, December 14, 2005

the joy of baking.....with friends

On december 11th...ladies and gentlemen please mark this date on the calendar we had our first ever joint cookie baking times it was chaotic...but most of the time it was really really fun...thanks to Andrea (vanilla kipferl, gingerbread, cinamon stars) and Eva(chocolate & oat no-bake cookies, vanilla & chocolate spritz cookies and hazel nut cut-outs ) with your wonderful cookie contributions, my contribution (chocolate chocolate chunk cookies, almond cut-outs and 2 days later filled sugar cookies).
We couldnt of done all this baking without the promise of a really lovely Mauritian dinner....prepared by Sophie and Anoushka..wonderful savory crepes (made like they do them in Mauritius) with 3 fillings: a spicy corriander chutney, spinach and mushroom spread and a cooling cucumber raita.
Of course they were the cheerleaders and couch warmers...who made sure everything tasted good....thanks Buddy, Celine, Martin, Andreas, Dominic and the Chef.
We took so many photos so i am trying to post as many as possible for the benefit of all.
chocolate chcolate chunky cookies before heading in the oven..these cookies are wickly sinfully full of much that they are actually black lol!

After baking ..really nice cripsy on the edges and soft inside....

Eva's very tasty chocolate oaty cookies before and after

look at the pretty lady in the kitchen...eva and her trusty mixer;)

the fruits of her labours or rather the delicate little nibbles

Andrea and the chef's madam trying to get those little cresents looking as cute as possible

Almond cresents or vanilla kipferl

...yum yum

the shapes of Christmas

the couch potatoes doing what they do best...besides of course tasting the nibbles;)

Cinamon stars...cut out by Sophie

ALmond cookies taking shape...

finally...all done and ready for the yourselves ladies and gents!

These were the filled cookies that didnt have any time to be made on i managed to get around to them on Tuesday...and just in time....even though we made all those cookies on sunday by monday i was left with only a dozen....

After the bakers were finished it was time for the mauritian girls to take over....
step one...gather your ingredients

step two..chop, dice and mix....

and of course the batter...made by Sophie..the crepes were absolutely terrific...with the chives...excellent actually;)

it was as good as it looks...mauritian crepes by Sophie and Anoushka


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