Friday, December 02, 2005

a quick lunch...

It is almost the end of the year and yes one day more to our first ever dinner party for our 20 or so friends....i had to use up some of the left overs in the fridge to clear some room for the ribs and the turkey for marinating purposes...i usually do this by putting whatever together for today i had pastrami sandwiches (leftover from the cold platter Mr. Chef had yesterday), two types of sandwiches but both on whole wheat bagels so kindly given to me by Sophie (two weeks ago...i know i know..two weeks is a long time...but not long enough for a bagel to go off he he).
Pastrami and Apple and Pastrami and Gruyere
Instead of butter, I used a good gluck of olive oil on the bagels and 4 hours later at lunchtime, both sandwiches were great.


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