Tuesday, January 24, 2006

cooking together

There is a saying...no correct that...my saying is the couple that cooks together stays together...it is well into the new year and this is my first post ...shame, shame...i cant even say that i have been soo busy so no time to write cause this would have been definitely not true...i think i am just lazy....the curse of Garfeild!
Even though i have been lazy i have still been cooking and enjoying it even more since i have my darling in the kitchen and to make matters even better we go food shopping together...very sweet.
Sunday night our cable was down so we decided to stay in and enjoy a movie night and of course a delicious meal, on the menu that night....
Baked snapper on Fennel

Baked Endives in an orange reduction

Red cabbage salad

and penne pasta (for my darling)
The food was really tasty and fresh...thanks so much to the wonderful wet market at Xin Yuan Li....
I am looking forward to a wonderful year of cooking and eating with my darling...


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