Wednesday, January 25, 2006

the slowness of fast food part 1

Anyone who has ever tried making pizza from scratch will know the time it takes, making the dough, the toppings...i am very proud of myself because last night i attempted to make Flammenkueche or Alsace Pizza (compliments a Martha Schulman recipe)and I succeeded...yes even with the pizza dough..everything was perfect....even though i made some substitutes like lean bacon instead of the fatty not by choice but because that was what was in the fridge.
All the ingredients waiting to be made into a thin crispy pizza....

the fruits of my labour... crispy, thin and creamy...perfect!

...and since we had a bottle of the sparkly stuff from new years eve we had this with the pizza...who's says fast food has to be washed down with soft drinks!!

tomorrow on the menu....spicy chicken pizza


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