Monday, February 27, 2006

the deadly sin of the blogger

Laziness....yes forgive me.....i have been very lazy and have not posted anything, but i have been very busy, cooking and eating and really enjoying it! and of course being cooked for...over the last two weeks we have been having the best Italian home cooked food everything from pasta to roasted peppers to Italian sausage made from start.
But back to what i have been so busy doing, first.... fast food part 2: spicy chicken pizza

to freshly baked breakfast rolls

Deliciously rich chocolate cake with freshly whipped cream

Jack Daniel's Apple Pie....

And pineapple upsidedown cake.......a bit sweet.....very dense and absolutely delish...before and after flipping photos

I have tried lots of other new stuff besides these like pita bread which i must say was very sucessful, i will be busy again next week as we plan on having an "academy award" party ie another excuse for the girls to get together and gossip and have bit of delish canapes after all if we are going to watch a stylish fashion event we might as well eat stylish food:)