Thursday, March 23, 2006

and the Oscar for best fun goes to....

us girls...for the first time ever we decided to have an after oscars party...reason being the oscars were shown on star movies 2 days later and we also just wanted to have a mid-week hangout. There was plenty of food for snacking on: chicken drumettes and winglets, tomatoes stuffed with tuna and mini pizzas...i made just over 60 pizzas for 7 girls...i know...but i thought everyone was hungry...obviously not!!
That day the 8th of March was also International Womens Day..hurrah for us!
We watched all 4 hours of the show, had a good laugh and a good chat! and of course a brillant dessert...poached pears and creme brulee.
Pizzas in the making

all done yummmy yummy

Chicken drumettes (whats a gathering without chicken to nibble on?)

tuna stuffed cherry tomatoes and shrimp and mushroom quiche made oh so lovingly by Sof...

and special and absolutely tasty creme brulee

We had lots of fun, ate alot laughed alot and i think we really do deserve the oscar for most fun had at an after oscar party!!


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