Friday, April 07, 2006

salads, mains and desserts

Since i have been quite lazy and not doing the daily posts, I have decided to put everything i have been cooking on one post....i have since started in the gym (I think i celebrated my 3 week anniversary this week) I have tried to avoid eating too heavy in the evening...which means...
none of this

or this

These really great Italian dishes (Fettuncini Alfredo and Chicken Caciatore) were made by our house guest Dom, who happens to be Italian American and is the son of a restaurateur.
But i have been busy experimenting with Chinese vegetables, one of these being tanghao (Chrysanthemum leaves) to be used as a salad, two salads i tried with it were
Tanghao with a honey walnut dressing (tanghao has a rather bitter taste similar to rucola so the crunchy sweet dressing balanced the flavours)

The second was walnut chunks, goats cheese and tanghao with a walnut oil and balsamico dressing.

As i mentioned i have been experimenting not only with tanghao but also duck eggs (which i have never eaten previously and fava beans, which i love love love, they cook so quickly and are so tasty:
Warm salad of fava beans and poached duck eggs with tuna balsamico dressing

Three other very simple salads
Wasabi cucumber salad (spicy and cooling)

Tropical fruit salad

Warm roasted eggplant salad with Italian herbs

On the subject of simple cooking...I love sun-dried tomatoes and have always wondering if i could do the same thing at i will wonder no more...i made oven-dried tomatoes which were just as good as any store bought item..i am so proud of myself.
spinach and carrot quiche served with oven-dried tomato on rye toast.

And now on to the mains....
this delicious Salmon dish was inspired by a recipe from bon appetite, it was prepared for me by my darling chef.
Lemon-honey rosemary crusted salmon on a bed of warm tomato salad, it was absolutely delicious, every single bite, the salmon was crisp in all the right places.....

and since we are talking about seafood....juicy spicy crab marinated for 4 hours and baked in the oven, saipin and i had this and we ended up licking everything, plates, fingers even the shells!!

and on to desserts ....i tried my hand at carrot cake and i guess i can honestly say i was presently surprised...the carrot cake was everything a carrot cake should be moist, rich, carroty and absolutely delish!! I tried two shapes in a 9-inch pan which was good except for the part that was still uncooked!!!

and then mini cupcake size...perfect..two bites and finished..of course all of this topped with creamy rich and fattening cream cheese frosting!!

I also made orange pudding cake, this seemed as though it was going to be difficult, but turned out relatively simple, and i served it with an orange sambuca honey sauce

very elegant and easy...definitely somethig to try again.
I know that mass blogging is probably not so great..but for right now i think it is the only way i will be actually updating my pages:)


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Keep cookin'.

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irreverent, iconoclastic e liberty


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